Welcome to Vyankatesh Pariwar

VYANKATESH PARIWAR, one of the social activity associations, engaged in creating awareness of eye donation among the common people.

An NGO- a resource center for all eye banks and organizations involved in the eye donation movement. The main objectives of  Vyankatesh Pariwar are to increase collection of eyes from all over the country and to educate the public about eye donation and prevention of corneal blindness.

Social work on eye donation and to generate mass awareness in public regarding eye donation and its importance. We are into the field of giving awareness to the people for ‘donating eyes’ after their death.

Story of Eye Donation Journey

Meeting with Hon. President of India Smt. Pratibhatai Patil and Members of Vyankatesh Pariwar, Aurangabad on 2nd Nov., 2008 at Aurangabad.

The President of India, Hon. Mrs. Pratibhatai Patil, saw all the activities of Eye Donation work done by Vyankatesh Pariwar. She appreciated the work of  Mr. Kishor Soni by saying, ” You are doing a marvellous work .”  She gave a written message for the appeal of Eye Donation to every citizen, that they should donate their eyes after their death. She was glad to see the work done by us. She also told that she knows the work done by Mr. Kishor Soni & gave us a word that she will always support this noble movement.

Message Of President :-

23Sept.-2004:Aurangabad:Hon president Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam sir taking information of eye donation work done by Ad.kishor soni during his visit at Aurangabad.He appreciated by “you are doing wonderful job my boy” in his 25 minutes meeting with members of vyankatesh pariwar.

Hon President Dr. A.P.G.Kalam sir appreciating eye donation work of Ad. Kishor soni


  • More than 65 Lakhs Pamphlets Distributed.
  • More than 681 Projects Done.
  • More then 10000 days spent on Eye Donation Campaign.
  • 5000 Eye Donation Stickers Affixed.
  • Daily minimum 8 hrs. devoted.
  • Youtube: jainetradan (see all videos.)
  • Social networking:Join us on each website
  • Creator of slogan in world  “Jai Netradan”
  • Eco – Friendly Mission.. Paperless Online Campaign
  • Started Online Eye Donation Registration
  • Displaying Name of Online Eye Donors