Global Maharashtra Trade Fair & Exhibition, Aurangabad: 9Th Jan. 2011: We have successfuly created awareness about eye donation among people on the 9th of Jan. 2011 at this exhibition.

Ad. Kishor Soni & amp; Prakash Mantri distributing Eye Donation leaflets at the exhibition.

24th March-2011, Aurangabad: Vyankatesh Pariwar supported and appreciated the work of Mr. Chayan Mandal, Kolkata, who has decided to create awareness regarding eye donation with a different style. He is on through his cycle with a target of covering the whole country, India, by spreading the importance of eye donation.

Ad. Kishor Soni, President of Vyankatesh Pariwar, welcoming Chayan Mandal to Aurangabad.

12th April-2011: Muktainagar, Maharashtra: We have created huge awareness about eye donation by distibuting leaflets among people. The saints there appreciated our work.

Ad. Kishor Soni creating awareness about eye donation.

12th April-2011: Onmkareshwar Jyotirling, Madhya Pradesh: We have created  huge awareness about eye donation by distibuting leaflets among people. All the followers were showing deep interests in our work.

Ad. Kishor Soni distributing leaflets for eye donation campaign.

13th April,2011:Ujjain Jyotirling, Madhya Pradesh: We created here huge awareness about eye donation by distibuting leaflets and pamphlets among people. Here we covered The Mahakal Temple premises, The Kalbhairav Temple premises, main market of Golamandi for eye donation campaign.

Ad. Kishor Soni, Mrs. Kanchan Soni and Tejas soni distributing leaflets in the campus of The Mahakal Temple.

14th April,2011: Nathdwara, Rajasthan: Here, we created  huge awareness about eye donation by distibuting leaflets among people. We got a very good opportunity as we found huge crowd due to holidays going. Many people were curious to know the importance of Eye Donation and approached us as well.

Ad. Kishor Soni creating awareness about eye donation.

18th April,2011: Ahmednagar: Hanuman Jayanti: On the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, we, Vyankatesh Pariwar, grabbed this opportunity and created  awareness regarding eye donation and its importance and got a huge response too! Mr. Pramod Kasat and family are also responsible for making this project a success.

Ad. Kishor Soni attending the 'Purnahuti' programme in his eye donation campaign uniform.

Ad. Kishor Soni distributing eye donation pamphlets at the 'Savva Karod Jap of Hanuman Chalisa' under the hot Sun.

24th April-2011:Mahesh warta-Sangamner: A very good article published by Mahesh warta ,sangamner about work of Ad. kishor soni and his work of eye donation.It also spreds campaign in masses.

By Mahesh warta -sangamner

5th June,2011:Celebration of world environment day:We have sowing many seeds on this very famous Goga baba Tekdi(Mountain) on this World Environment day.Vyankatesh pariwar always think for development.we have successfuly sowing many seeds .first we creat small hole,put in that seeds.close by mud,put some water on it.what a great satisfaction we feel after this……and nature also support us..after that some Rain also came….Tusi gret ho God.jai netradan.

Vyankatesh pariwar team sowing many seeds on the famous mountain of city

Team of vyankateh pariwar sowing seeds on mountain.

10 th June,2011:Celebration of  Eye Donation day:We have celebrated Eye Donation day on 10 th june-2011.We have created Huge huge awareness about Eye donation by way of big Rally in city.What a great Response we find by people of city. Ad.kishor soni,Prakash mantri,Manohar Dongare,komal soni,disha soni,shubham kasat,sandesh kasat, was taken efforts for success for this Eye Donation Campaign Rally .Jai netradan!

Vyankatesh pariwar and his memebrs with posters showing importance of eye donation

Netradan Rath for campaign about eye donation

Ad. Kishor Soni attracts attention of people by showing Posters about slogans of eye donation

10 th June,2011:Celebration of  Drushtidan day: On the eve of Mahesh Navmi we have put Eye donation awearness and Registration stall at Tapdiya natya mandir  with the help of Maheshwari Mandal.We have created sucessfuly eye donation awearness among people on this day.Jai netradan!Jai Mahesh!

Prakash mantri,Manohar dongare,Ad. kishor soni,Nitin baheti,etc explaining importance of eye donations to visitors.

19 th June:Fathers day:Celebration of Fathers day: We wish a very Healthy, Pleasant,Nice,Joyful and Long Life to My beloved Father.The success we have in our mission is due to the “Values” he gave us. what a coincidence !My Father also had his birthday this Father’s Day!Jai Netradan!

Fathers day celebration by Vyankatesh Pariwar

26th June-2011:Social Help:Vyankatesh Pariwar distributes educational and school stuff to poor kids every year which helps them in making their future bright.This is very small contribution from us towards society.we always try to work in every field.(Kharu tai cha wata).Jai Netradan!

Mrs. Mathurabai soni distributes educational stuffs to poor students.

15 TH SEPTEMBER,2011:Appeal by Ad. Kishor soni to Every citizen of India for the help of Eye Donation.How to increase Eye donation? How can take every one part?How to success eye donation project? etc…

8th October,2011: On the eve of ” Joy Of Giving Week”, Daily Divya Marathi Highlighted  Importance of Eye Donation article of Ad. Kishor soni.Thanks from Vyankatesh Pariwar.Jai Netradan!

Ad. kishor soni telling Importance of Eye donation in this article of Daily Divya Marthi

 5th Nov to 7th Nov.2011: Shegaon:Another successful eye donation camp !! We created awareness in daylight as well as the night also.Jai netradan.

Journey towards shegaon for eye donation campaign


Eye donation campain at campus of Gajanan maharaj temple


Master Tejas soni distributing liflets about eye donation

25th December-2011: Shri Hazoor Sahib Gurudwara,Nanded: on the occassion of X-mas holidays many tourist visits Nanded Gurudwara.We have created huge awareness about eye donation among people. Ad. kishor soni,Kanchan soni,komal soni and Mr. Shamsunder Baheti take efforts for success of this mission.

Taking Blessings for eye donation mission at Hazoor Sahib Gurudwara,Nanded


Ad kishor soni,Sham baheti,kanchan soni distibuting eye donation liflets.