Events Year 2013

24 Feb,2013:Blood Donation Camp:Attend as a President for the Blood donation camp organised by Mahesh youth club and Maheshwari Mandal Gulmandi prabhag.Here in this programme we have aware d many people about eye donation.

10 April 2013: Article in Divya Marathi Newspaper: Divya Marathi newspaper highlighted by an article about our mission of eye donation

21 st April 2013:Rajur Ganapati: Rajur Ganapati is a famous holyplace.Here,many tourist visited.We have created awearness aout eye donation by showing sign boards.

28 April 2013:Nath Temple,Aurangabad:Nath mitra mandal organised a Eye donation Registration camp on the occasion of Sankashti Chaturthi at nath temple.Ad kishor soni invited as Chief guest of this programme. In this camp Kishor soni explain eye donation and its importance.Santosh Deshpande ,Rajubhai Mehta,santosh Bakshi ,etc taken efforts for this camp.

Ad. kishor soni awarded by Nath Mandir Trust

Welcome of Ad. kishor soni and Mrs. kanchan soni by Nath Mitra Mandal

 26th May 2013: Bibi ka Makbara:Aurangabad is a famous hostoric place.People from India visited here for seeing Mini Tajmahal (Bibi ka Makbara).We have creatd here awearness among people about eye donation.

Ad.Kishor soni showing Boards among people abt eye donation

29the May 2013: Article by Daily Maharashtra Times: Marathi Mudra:It covers every thing about Ad.kishor soni,his work about Eye donation,Vyankatesh pariwar work.

Story about eye donation journey of Kishor soni

10th June 2013: Eye donation Day: Mumbai Sakar covers detailed Story of eye donation work of kishor soni of vyankatesh pariwar and his team.Various reactions of recepients who got vision by eye donation.

People told he is God who gave us vision

Deamand by kishor soni about Driving license covers wish about eye donation

17th June 2013: Suggestion by Maharashtra Times: Best Website

Best website for eye donation suggested by Daily Maharashtra Times newspaper

10th November 2013: Mini Tajmahal :Good response from people.Diwali vacations going on.Huge crowd gatherd at historic place mini tahmahal (Bibi ka makbara) from diff diff parts of our country India on sunday.We always catch this type of oppertunity for creating awearness about eye donations and its importance.Yes,successfully we did it.Thanks to all of them who shown interest.jai netradan

Mr.kishor soni,Mrs kanchan soni and Master Tejas soni showing Eye donation boards

Tourist taking information about eye donations and its proceduer