About Us

“Anything is possible with nothing in hand;  for a positive mind full of determination, anything & everything doesn’t make any difference.”

The Roots of This Organization-

Shri Kishor Rameshwarji Soni along with his wife Mrs. Kanchan Soni have laid the strong foundation stone of this Vyankatesh Pariwar. With dedicated and incessant contributions from their daughters, Miss Komal Soni and Miss Disha Soni, and son, Master Tejas Soni, Vyankatesh Pariwar has grown over the years.

Shri Soni’s friends Mr. Prakash Mantri  and Mr. Chandrakant Mugale have given incomparable contribution by standing with the Pariwar in all the activities. Role of his colleague Mr. Krishnan R. Iyer is also intense and has helped the Pariwar in adding more feathers of Pride on the Cap of Vyankatesh Pariwar.

About Shri Kishor Rameshwar Soni-

Shri Kishor Rameshwar Soni, the youngest of the two siblings of Shri Rameshwar Soni was born at Balanagar, a small village in Aurangabad District of Maharashtra. Marathwada region, as it is known, was most of the times, declared a drought affected area by the Govt. of Maharashtra. The village with a mere population of 100 houses is lacking major infrastructures such as roads, water arrangements and schools.

Brought up with his elder brothers late Prakash Soni and Shri Suresh Soni, along with his two sisters Mrs. Meena Navander and Mrs. Sunita Kasat, Mr. Kishor R. Soni was the brightest and the sharpest amongst all. He had his primary school education upto the fifth grade at Balanagar and later on shifted to Aurangabad where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the reknowned Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s College of Law, Aurangabad.

Since his school days, Shri Kishor Soni was always a step ahead in the social services and was always ready to help others anytime, anywhere irrespective of the time and consequences. He was well known in his group as “TOPHKHANA” since his childhood because of his bold nature and his courageous activities. A strong follower of “Satyameva Jayate,” and having a strong belief in walking on the “True Path of Life” shown by Mahatma Gandhi, he had to cross many hurdles and face difficulties on the path of this work.

Due to his polite and helping nature, his fame has grown and has become an inspiring figure in the eyes of the people.

He was a member of a social organisation and was lauded by the society as well as by the organisation. This was the actual time when he deeply realised the condition of the poor people and specially the blinds. A small incident at this time made up his mind strongly to launch a drive and go for a mass awareness programme for eradication of blindness from India, and this gave birth to “VYANKATESH PARIWAR” Trust in 2002. It is a Non-Governmental and a Non-Profit making organization carrying out activities of mass awareness programmes related to eye donations throughout Maharashtra and spreading its activities throughout India.

Shri Kishor Rameshwar Soni was awarded the prestigious Award
The Trust, “Vyankatesh Pariwar”-

“Vyankatesh Pariwar” – A Non-Governmental Organization & is a resource center for all eye banks and organizations involved in the eye donation movement.

The main objectives of “Vyankatesh Pariwar” are,

(i) to increase collection of eyes, form all over the country

(ii) to educate and motivate  the public about eye donation and

(iii) to prevent corneal blindness.                                                         

There are also many objectives including,

* Save water as it is life.

* Save electricity.

* To carry out afforestation & to maintain eco-logical balance.

* To avoid cigarettes & alcohol.

* To donate Blood.

* To exercise regularly.

* To respect elders.

* To campaign for body donation.

* Don’t waste food.

* Avoid use of cell-phones while driving.

* To respect & follow all laws & regulations amended in the constitution.

* Don’t harm national property.

* Always speak the truth, because “Satyameva Jayate”.

* Stop wasting ‘Akshada’ during marriage ceremonies.

Vyankatesh pariwar plays a key role in creating awareness on these objectives.

Over the past few years “VYANKATESH PARIWAR” has been receiving support from all corners of India. People have helped “Vyankatesh Pariwar” to conduct seminars and workshop to educate public on eye donation.

There are many people who are spreading awareness about eye donation and facilitating eye donation in whatever way they can, and helping us from behind the curtains. Celebrities like Amitabh Bachhan & Jaya Bachhan, Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, Zhakhir Hussain, Pandit Hariprasad Chourasia, Tridandi Chinna Jeer Swamijee, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Chiranjeevi, Rajnikanth and many more have also endorsed eye donation. International Organizations like ORBIS, Lions, Rotary etc have supported many eye donation activities.

The Trust carries out work on eye donation. As no membership fees is collected, any one can become a member of the trust. The only criteria is that the member needs to have strong will power and should have willing power to help the society without expecting any personal gain/return. The trust believes in caring for others prior & not for oneself.

The moment we come to know about the sad demise of anyone, we approach the family members and explain them the importance of eye donation and try to convince them for an eye donation. The nearest eye bank is then informed and the corneae of the eyes is collected for donation to the needy.

The office of the trust is at Aurangabad and the address is given below along with the bio-data of the crusader of this movement Shri Kishor Rameshwar Soni.

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