Events in the year 2012

8th Jan.-2012: Daultabad Fort: We have created here awearness about eye donation by distributing liflets among tourist those who visited here.

Social worker Ad.kishor soni,kanchan soni,Tejas soni distributing eye donation liflets at Daultabad fort area.

13TH May,2012:Award ceremony:Saint Tukaram Natyagrih,Aurangabad:Social worker Ad. kishor soni awarded “Seva Gaurav Purskar” by Aurangabad zillha Maheshwari Sabha for his fully devoted work towards Sight donation.Vyankatesh pariwar is the leader in online campaign about eye donation and drishti daan.It was best appreciated  and supported programme .Its an very great honour of social worker Kishor soni.Seva Gaurav purskar given by Mr.Sureshchandra Laddha of Bheed,Mr.Rambilas Soni,Mr. Ashok Bang of Nashik,Mr.Narayanlal Kalantri of Nanded, etc.

Ad.Kishor Soni receiving "SEVA GAURAV PURSKAR " from Guest and members of Aurangabad zillha maheshwari sabha.

2nd June 2012: Distribution of Biscuit Pkts to Patients: we have distributed Biscuits to all patients who were admitted in Govt Hospital at Aurangabad with Prakash Jain,Ramesh Mehata,Anil Luniya a group of social worker.Thank God for giving always oppertunity for serving people of this nation.

Social worker Mr.Kishor soni,Prakash jain,Ramesh Mehta distributing busicut pkts to admitted patients in

10TH June-2012: Eye Donation Day: We have celebrate Eye donation day on this day. We send thousands of Sms & Emails  regarding eye donations.We have created online Event on this day. Popular Newspaper ” Divya Marathi” highlighted our mission Eye donation.Its an great honor of social worker kishor soni.

22nd June,2012:Eye Donation Registration camp:On the occassion of Birthday of Mr. Bhavesh saraf,Eye donation Registration camp organised by his freind circle.Here 22 eye donors sign their consent form.Great help for this eye donation mission.Mr.Prakash Mantri and Mr.Prakash Jain taking efforts for this project .

27th June,2012:Eye Donation Registration camp:On the occassion of Birthday of Mr. Chandu(Bunnty)Kishanchand Tanwani,Eye donation Registration camp organised by his freind circle.Here 30 eye donors sign their consent form.Great help for this eye donation mission by Mr.Sachin Zaweri .Social worker Mr. Kishor Soni,Mr.Prakash Mantri and Mr.Madhusudan Dashrathe taking efforts for this successful project.

25th August to 8th September 2012: Celebration of Eye donation fortnight. Creation  of events on facebook. sending sms and mails to many peoples.etc….

1st September 2012: Ganapati Netralaya ,Jalana awarded Mr. Kishor soni for his lifetime devotion towards eye donation in a programme of eye donation fortnight.Chairman Mr. B.B.Barwale,Director Mundada,Dr.Girish Rao,Dr.Rohit Bang were present.Great honor of social worker kishor soni by ganapati netralaya.

Ad.kishor soni and prakash Mantri were awarded by Ganapati Eye Hospital at Jalna.

4th September,2012: Daily Lokmat, a leading newspaper of Maharashtra highlighted the work of Vyankatesh Pariwar .Highlighted the hard efforts taken by Ad. Kishor Soni for eco freindly online registration for eye donation.

Highlighted coverage of work done by Ad.Kishor Soni

8th September,2012: Motivation to people: As last day of Eye donation fortnight,team of vyankatesh pariwar motivate about eye donation to people of Aurangabd  city.Showing by Posters with messages and slogans attract many people for this eye donation movement.Team includes Ad.Kishor Soni,Prakash Mantri,Ram Kulkarni,Prakash Runwal,Tejas soni. Motivate people in many parts of city.

Team Motivate people at Main Bus stand of Aurangabd

Attracting attention by showing posters to people as Eco friendly mission,paperless

Standing with posters ,a different style of eye donation campaign at Gulmandi-Heart of the city

 23rdOctober-2012:Eye donation Campaign at Karnapura Yatra: During Navratri festival at karnapura we have motivated thousands of people for eye donation.Many people coming ahead for asking information’s about eye donation and this great mission. We have succeeded in creating awearness among  people for eye donation. This project successfully done by social worker Kishor soni,Prakash Mantri,Master Tejas soni.

Social worker kishor soni,Prakash Mantri,Master Tejas motivated to people about eye donation


People asking information to social worker kishor soni about eye donation mission


Motivation to people about eye donation in diff. style of social worker kishor soni

27 th December.2012:Datta Jayanti  :On the occassion of Shri Datta Jayanti,we have created huge awareness about eye donation and its importance among people.We motivate many people by distributing liflets about eye donation after death.with me my son Tejas were attend this project.

Ad.Kishor soni motivating people by liflets of eye donation


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